Miss Always Write


I’m Ashley. I write about things, and sometimes I put that writing¬†on the internet. This is where that writing lives.

In the real world, I’m a 20-something creative-type living in Portland, Oregon. I was born and raised in New Jersey, so this coast is still new to me, even after three years. I aspire to someday live in New York City, but that won’t happen until my other aspiration of winning the lottery happens. I have two furry roommates–a dog named Mr. Bingley, and a cat named Molly. They also want to live in New York City, whether they know it or not.

I write and read a lot of Young Adult and New Adult fiction, and you can expect to find some reviews of said fiction in these pages. I’m also a sucker for a good romance, so you might find those, as well. I also occasionally post original fiction under the Writing tab.

Wanderlust is a very real and very treatable condition, which I suffer from and try to keep at bay¬†with regular travel to fun places. My adventures are another thing you can expect to find within the tabs of this blog. I make no promises that I won’t post a ton of pictures, but I do promise that none of those pictures will ever be taken with selfie sticks.

I can be reached at ashley [at] missalwayswrite.com.